"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies; but from the love in my dog's eyes."
Why the club?

We get together as a club for many reasons: some of us just want to build on our achievements in training classes, enjoying time with our dogs; some want to reach a higher standard of training. Some of us even go on to compete, just for the fun of it; others more seriously. 

The club has members who have competed in obedience trials, Kennel Club and UKA agility competitions, with several having competed nationally, both individually and as a team, in all classes of agility competition. Our member trainers are very experienced; one being a British Champion.

Come and join us


All dogs, young and old, have the capability – the desire - to learn. Your dog will be happier for being trained and you will enjoy their company all the more.

Dogs love new experiences and whether your dog is young, old, high energy, timid, excitable, socially unskilled, intelligent, naughty or lazy, they can really benefit from 

regular training and learning self-control around other dogs and people, with members that know how to help and support each other’s learning.

We’ve seen a lot of people and their dogs train and grow together. 

"Thanks to the help and support of our excellent trainers, my dog Tilly and I have managed to achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold, Canine Good Citizens Awards."    Kath Hodgson (member)
“What I love about being a member of the club is the camaraderie; the way everyone is there to help each other.  I enjoy the friendship, companionship and a sense of belonging with like-minded people.”
Jan Thomas (member)
A bit of history


Cynllan Lodge Dog Training Club was born out of a desire of a number of those attending obedience classes at Cynllan Lodge Kennels to continue the training they were enjoying. So in 1994, the Cynllan Lodge Dog Training Club was formed.

The club also became fully registered with the Kennel Club of Great Britain, which means we can offer the Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship Awards. Since then the club has grown, purchasing its own agility equipment and establishing itself in the locality, becoming part of many people’s dog stories.