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"To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring -it was peace. "
Club pack walks and socialisation

Walking in a big group of people and dogs is a lot of fun and an effective way to socialise dogs as they have the space and freedom to interact comfortably off leash - we have a great time out in the countryside too. We aim to meet as a club a few times a year for a pack walk, but often our members just arrange informally to meet up to walk together as and when they can. The club is a great place to get to know other dog lovers and their furry friends.

“It can take quite a bit of work to direct my high energy dogs in a positive way and I've learned how to do just that at the club."
Amanda Humphries (member)
Scent training taster sessions

Dogs love to use their noses and are generally quick to take to the basics of scent training.  The club provides opportunities to try this at times throughout the year.

Fun games and Award nights

Once a year we hold the Kennel Club Good Citizenship tests and, as we are so proud of every one of our handlers and doggies that achieve their bronze, silver or gold awards, we like to celebrate their achievements.  Of course, our celebrations always involve our dogs, and include fun games like 'sausage alley' and 'simon says'!

What makes our club successful

The club is a very friendly place where we can share our passion for our dogs and do things together that improve their physical and mental wellbeing. And as a long standing club our success is in making sure we take into account the ideas and wishes of our members. We get together at our AGM each year to discuss plans and share ideas. It's also a time when we can recognise the work of the member trainers, the committee and the members and dogs who are best attenders and best improved in agility and obedience each year.

We always welcome new members