"If you want loyalty, get a dog. If you want loyalty and attention,
get a smart dog."
How do we train our dogs?


First and foremost, with kindness, consistency and clarity – our dogs are happy because we train with reinforced encouragement - we reward and praise them when they do well, and find positive strategies to help them when they don’t understand - it makes our relationship with them, and their trust in us, stronger.

Secondly – training should be fun! For you and for your dog.

Our focus is on learning and improving together – gaining new skills, challenging ourselves, stimulating and motivating our dogs. As the saying goes ‘Dogs love jobs’ and by teaching them focus, self-control, visual and verbal commands, and activities that get them thinking and working, we give them a job – and they love it!

Our trainers know how to help you get and keep your dog’s attention around other dogs and distractions so you can start to enjoy activities together, on and off leash, such as working towards obedience awards, agility, introduction to scent work, socialisation and pack walks and fun competition night. 

“I just can’t describe how much I love my dogs, and love the close relationship we have developed as a result of training and working together. The dog club has inspired this and has been a source of great friendship for me too.”
Philippa Coggins (member)