"They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal."  

Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen's Awar

As a Kennel Club registered club, the obedience training and dog handling exercises we do mean our members can be tested under the KC Good Citizenship Training scheme, which is the largest dog training programme in the UK.

Working towards an award can be a great help and motivation as you see your dog and your handling skills improve week on week. The awards are non-competitive. Instead they provide a quality standard of training for dogs and for those of us who want to teach our dogs the basic commands that are so useful in day to day situations, and on through to greater handling control off leash and in more distracting situations.

There are three levels of training that we work towards: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards.

Agility is Awesome!

Dogs love agility!  It appeals to their natural instincts to run, chase and hunt, with the agility course imitating the way they would leap, weave and navigate through a natural environment, running as fast as they can to catch their prey. 

Agility training has fantastic benefits for all dogs; it's not just for those who want to compete with their dogs. Keeping your dog fit is really important to their health, and agility training is a great way to do this and improve your dog’s behaviour and overall wellbeing at the same time. So what are some of the benefits...?

Other Club events and activities

There are other things that we like to do together with our dogs, such as pack walks to the beach, learning to teach our dogs tricks and scent training.  We also enjoy our awards nights when we play some doggie games. We are always interested in new adventures with our dogs.