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Some questions answered...


Who is the club for?

If you have done some basic training with your dog, or attended a class elsewhere; if you are a more experienced handler with a young or new dog, or you want to improve in your skills then our club is the place to gain more knowledge and improve your learning with your furry friend. 

Please get in touch for more information. You are welcome to come along to see if you’d like to join the Club.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Cynllan Lodge Dog Training Club is Kennel Club registered and, as such, our membership fees are fixed at a rate that means learning and training your dog is easily affordable. Our annual membership is £15 (£25 for dual membership), and weekly club nights cost just £5 for you and your dog.  You only pay for the nights you attend and you can remain a member as long as you pay your annual membership. For that you get the benefit of experienced and skilled member trainers and the chance to meet a variety of dog lovers at all stages in theirs and their dogs' learning and development.

As a member, the club also covers the cost of your Kennel Club Good Citizenship tests and award certificates, rosette (for bronze), dog tag (for silver) and pin (for gold).

I've never done any training before.

If you have never done any basic training with your dog then a beginners class is the best place to start, where you can get focused teaching with your dog on the basic commands before joining the club.  

If your dog is reactive with other dogs you may need to seek one-to-one help first, before coming to the club, especially if this leads to aggression. Some dogs, however, just like their space, or may not have developed good social skills. Some dogs sometimes chastise another, like a mother telling its pup off. This is normal interaction and, if issues arise, our trainers can work with you to help you integrate your dog into the group in a way that is best for them.

If you are unsure whether the club is the place for you and your dog, please feel free to contact us and talk it through.